Thursday, October 30, 2014

Fall Break at Bryce Canyon (again)

 Will enjoys the last couple of days of his bottle.

 Napping so he can keep me up until 2:30 am in the hotel room.

Poked by the pine needles.

 My little cheese ball "smiling" for the camera

This didn't go as well as last year. Will is one year older and one year harder. Between him bouncing off the walls in the hotel room, running away at full speed at the swimming pool over the wet cement, keeping Rebecca & I up most the night and just overall encouraging my anxiety level to hit max levels it was, kind of, not fun. 

Needless to say if I had it to do over again-- I wouldn't. I'd have stayed home with Will and sent Rebecca & John off with Peter. Hopefully the kids will have good memories. 
Lesson learned: toddlers + hotel rooms = unique form of torture.

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