Thursday, November 6, 2014

Halloween 2014




 John's interpretation of the Green Goblin

 Found this hat at the dollar store and that became the costume.

 Will wanted to trick-or-treat for hours but didn't ever really seem to quite get the hang of it like last year. For one thing it is like he says less than last year. No attempt at saying "trick-or-treat" or "thank you. Just grunting and other happy approval-like noises. After a while he quit knocking on the doors and just went for the doorknobs. That was when I was ready to be done.

My favorite was Rebecca's take on Dwight from The Office
(Don't get me started on why she watches that show--wasn't my idea.) 

The next day I convinced Aaron to go to Cornbelly's with me for the final Hurrah where they demolish all their pumpkins. The highlight was watching them drop a 500lb pumpkin from a crane several stories high.

It was cold and windy and somewhat miserable and probably the last thing he wanted to do.
 Aaron is too good to me.

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