Wednesday, November 19, 2014

Rebecca's 14th

(Sarah took this picture and Rebecca added the quote. I love it.)
Happy Birthday to my imaginative, movie-crazy, artistic, witty and drama-loving girl.

Brought flowers and muffins into her drama class.

 She had a party with friends. At this age the great thing is I don't have to do anything except provide the food because they come up with all their own entertainment. They played Twister (because what teenage girls don't want an excuse to do that with the boys?) They went outside in the below freezing weather to do night games, played truth or dare (just great) wherein the boys ended up being given "a make-over" with make-up. I still can't believe they subjected them to that, or that the boys even allowed it. 

All these things I am hearing mostly second hand because after the party started and I took these pictures I went upstairs to my room and did math and largely ignored what was going on downstairs. What stellar adult supervision:/

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