Monday, December 8, 2014

Thanksgiving in Tehachapi

Connor is 12

 Natalie will be three in March

 Andrew will be one in January

 Ultra fun Uncle Paul and the buggy. And Megan wonders why all his kids think dad's the best thing since sliced bread as soon as he walks through the door . . .

 The fam on Thanksgiving

Claire and Megan 

Rebecca and Daniel

Claire Sarah and Hannah

 Poor Daniel and John express the sentiments of everyone waiting for the turkey to be done. With Will keeping me up half the night I didn't get it in until later than I should have and everyone was waiting around ready to eat. 
I felt bad but at least it turned out good. 
(My main concern is always that it gets done enough so that we all don't get sick! I'd feel a lot worse about that then keeping everyone waiting--as I think everyone would concur.)
I'm afraid this is once again the only picture of me. Somehow I always forget to get on the other side of the camera when we travel there.

We all had a really nice time. With our trip to Bryce Canyon fresh in my mind I have vowed not to do the motel thing with Will for at least the next few months so we drove straight through there and back. The drive there was a little brutal with the traffic and frequent stops for him, not to mention he had just had four teeth taken out a couple of days before we left. He was on round the clock Motrin for the first three days we were there (and we were only there four days) and was a nightmare to sleep with. I just don't like traveling with him right now. Coming home went better. Bottom line was though we were exhausted it was worth it.

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