Monday, December 8, 2014

Baking with my monkey

Sunday after we got back from California Will and I worked on a batch of cookies. As you can see he turned on the machine just after I added flour. I was covered in flour for our tithing settlement appointment but the bishop didn't seem to mind when we presented he and the clerks (one of which is Peter) with warm cookies.
One thing I can do with Will when I cook is pull up the stool--he's always game for that. I hand him all the ingredients and he dumps them in and then cranks on the machine. Saturday I peeled and chopped potatoes for the Ward Christmas Party and he threw worked his over with the butter knife and helped me throw everything in the pot. I know that even though it makes a mess these are the things I know I'll never regret doing with him.

Sometimes I think we were a little nuts to have a baby eight years after our last. It can be a juggling act with teens and a toddler but he reminds us of what is important in our lives and how our other kids were at this age. It keeps us grounded. We are just blessed to have him. Brings the whole family joy to have a little one around.

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