Friday, May 22, 2015

Austin, Texas

Peter somehow talked me into going with him to Austin on business. I was gone for three nights, which pathetically enough is the longest I think I've been gone from the kids since I was pregnant with Will. After school ended I was pretty wiped out and I had been feeling pretty overwhelmed but then I got to thinking about it and decided we needed some time together. 

 My first view of Austin from the hotel room. Atypical weather for this time of the year as it rained a lot of the time we were there.
While Peter went to the tax firm I explored downtown Austin on my own. I don't care about going places by myself but wasn't looking forward to having to take a taxi last minute thanks to the downpour.The hardest part was just leaving the hotel room. I survived and was able to see some great art work.  

I love museums. Got to see a whole exhibit about Alice in Wonderland with original photographs, writings, and art. I'm not really a fan of the story but the exhibit was great and got me interested in finding out more. 

 University of Texas

Capital Building

There are stars on EVERYTHING in Austin.

 And my hair was wavy and flat in the humidity.

I like spending time with Peter but I don't like flying. FOUR flights. Four times taking off and four times landing. Happy to hit the ground in Salt Lake.

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Jay said...

April - I never knew you hate flying. I love to fly.

I hope you had a great time!