Friday, May 22, 2015

Sarah goes to the Prom

 One night at about 11:45 we hear this rapid knocking on the door. Peter and I are in bed and are like, what the heck? So I go to the door and there is a note on the porch that says, "Sarah, follow the string." I knew this had to be something to do with a dance because, you know, we live in Utah.

Sarah came out in her bare feet in the dark and proceeded to follow the string around the neighbor's house and then across the street. It went back and forth across the street several times and we were beginning to think it was going to go all the way down the block when it came to a stop on the porch of our Bishop. His son was asking Sarah to the prom. Thought it was a clever way of asking someone right down the street to a dance.

The terrible thing, and honestly the first thing that went through our minds-- is that we're going to have to find a dress and Sarah HATES to look for these dresses. 
Turns out we had good reason to fear because it was a total nightmare. Won't go into the details but seriously it got to the point where in the middle of a Sarah meltdown I asked if she really had to go because I knew at that point she was done with it.
The good news is that we found a dress. I really had the feeling it we were going to find the right one. This was actually dress #3. The first didn't work out, the second was too informal and I just didn't feel like it was the one and then at the very last second while we happened to be shopping for another tie and accessories we happened upon the perfect dress. At a store we'd been to a million times before. Unbelievably it had just come in. I couldn't have been more excited had I won the lottery.

Is this not the most perfect dress for her? I loved it.

We didn't even need to buy jewelry! It came built in!
(Did I mention I was excited?)

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