Saturday, August 29, 2015


 Back in June we got to have cousin Hannah visit for a week. It was the greatest thing! She's amazing and just about the most easy going and sweet girl ever. We had so much fun with her! These are just a few pictures of the time we had and knowing she will be leaving on her mission soon I was SO grateful to have the time because I don't know when this will happen again!
At the Thanksgiving Point rose gardens.

I must admit that one of my favorite things was that she was willing to indulge me my obsession for puzzles and if I remember correctly we put together not one, but two 1000 piece ones while she was here:)

John incognito:)

Spanish Fork reservoir

Climbing Timpanogos Caves with Will maybe wasn't such a good idea. Fun anyway though and if nothing else we all got a good workout and the weather was cooperative.

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