Sunday, August 30, 2015

Visiting Peter's family in Oaklahoma

We planned a trip to Freedom, Oklahoma this year to see Peter's grandma who we haven't seen since John was five weeks old. We had just got the news that the company in Austin was offering Peter a position they wanted him there for ASAP and so we knew we were moving at the end of July. We debated about postponing the trip but decided we had postponed it long enough and went ahead with it.

According to Google the town has a population of 297. His Uncle Rodger, Aunt Sue, cousin Kelly & his sweet wife Debbie all live there as well so we were able to visit with everyone. I think there was some great memories that we made and the kids will always remember this visit with their Great Grandma Mitchell.

Grandma cookin' it up for us. She spoiled us with lots of bacon, sausage, and fried chicken. 

Love, love, love this picture of Peter and his cousin Kelly. 
Are they not the cutest?

4th of July watching the fireworks in Freedom, Oaklahoma

One of the diversions in a town this small is catching critters, specifically frogs. Will calls them "bleh bleh" and would scream and scream "BLEH BLEH!!" every time we let them go because he was torturing them. Not as fun as it sounds.

 Downtown Freedom, Oaklahoma

Main Street

Main Street

Need gas? This is the only place you'll find it.

 Alabaster Caverns

In the hotel heading for home...

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