Tuesday, February 17, 2009

More weird facts about my son

John is completely germaphobic. Kind of funny, but sometimes just weird.
When he wants seconds he has to have a new bowl or plate and utensils, because he says the other ones have "germs" on them now.
If we drink out of his straw when we are out somewhere John yells at us and then flips the straw over to use the other end (I know--it doesn't really make sense.)
You are dead meat if he catches you double dipping--which he totally will by the way.
Today at Costco we had pizza. He hardly ate any of his so I took my empty plate and covered his with it--apparently a big no-no for John.
Later I sneezed in the direction of his sweatshirt I was holding and he refused to wear it in the 30 degree weather outside because it was now contaminated for life.
This from a kid who mixes food in with his drinks for experimentation, wipes his poo on my towels instead of replacing the empty toilet paper, and pees in his trash if he is mad.
What the heck?


Jim and Tammy's Life said...

You should have seen the back of my bathroom door after he used it. Ullgggg.

Bonnie said...

ok that terrible and awesome!! i have a mystery child who refuses to flush the toliet, i'm not sure why and I keep telling everyone if it's brown flush it down! And yet still I find it almost daily!