Thursday, February 5, 2009

My new skill

Our cat Caramel has had an ongoing hair problem.
More like matted up, dreadlocks or something.
Except it got worse and really gross.
After considerable delay I realized I had to do something about the situation.

First, I tried to cut them out myself with scissors. But the huge balls were too close to her skin and I was afraid to cut her . . . so . . .

I finally called the vet to find out if they would shave her. They said they would, but first they have to put her out. As in put her under anaesthesia. Well, that costs like a hundred bucks. So moving on . . .

I called all around the area and the only groomer that will shave a cat is in American Fork and wants to charge me $60. Plus tax. (TO SHAVE MY CAT??!!) I went ahead and set up the appointment knowing I did not want to pay $60 to drive out to American Fork to drop off my matted cat and then turn around in a few hours and pick her up. . . . so

I got this idea.

This is what she used to look like, remember?

Then I bought some of these at Wal Mart . . .

Then I did this . . .

And now she looks like this.

She still loves me.

Guess she'll be spending a lot more time indoors.
Rebecca said we should buy her a sweater. I don't think Caramel is going to go for a sweater.
Let's hope her hair grows faster than mine.


Meg said...

LOL, LOL, LOL! Poor cat! That first picture is such a pretty picture - it almost looks like a painting someone would have on their wall!

Amy said...

She use to be so so much!

Sally said...

You're AMAZING! At first you mentioned cutting out the 'hairball' and I thought "What, are you crazy?" Hairballs are those things the cat throws up. Matted hair is what the poor kitty was suffering from and now she shouldn't get any hairballs!! Good job, Wonder Woman!