Tuesday, February 24, 2009

Oh, Poe

Tonight Nathaniel asked me about Edgar Allen Poe and what made him so famous. I told him about how he was a creepy psychological writer and he wanted to know if I had ever read him.
I told him I had as recently as this last semester and he wanted to know what I read.
It was "Tell Tale Heart." A story about a namless man who wants to kill an old man who lives with him because he is disturbed by the old man's cloudy blue "vulture" eye. Long story short--he kills him after a long and very strange week of haunting the man in his sleep. He then chops the old man's body into pieces and then buries it under the floorboards. When the police come he is completely calm and they suspect he is innocent. The crazy man begins to hear a sound that he is convinced is the beating heart of the dead man, can no longer stand it, and confesses.
Nathaniel said I could have just told him he didn't want to know.
I thought it might be fun to get up around 3am tonight and play the sound of a beating heart on our Halloween CD through his bedroom door.
Nathaniel said he is already sick and doesn't need to die of fright.
He also said before I do something like that to him I should remember that he is the one picking out my retirement home. He said he'll pick a leaky one where instead of bringing you food you have to hunt for it-- and you know--survival of the fittest and all that.
I laughed myself silly.


Jason and Lara Hess said...

Between your Poe story and your crazy germ boy, I think living in your house would be full of adventure. You would definitely have a lot of memories...ones you might want to remember and others you may not.

Meg said...

Sounds like someone inherited your sense of humor, or at least your creativity when it comes to practical jokes! haha!

Amy said...

Hope you get a good retirement home April! Ha!