Tuesday, January 5, 2010

Christmas Day 2009

John and Rebecca's stocking and Santa stash. John was up until at least 1:30am. I was ready to lose it. He woke Rebecca sometime around that and they came down and went through the stockings. I think he came into my room around two or so.


"There's nothing like shoes. There's nothing like shoes."

Rebecca got her first American Girl doll this year (Emily). She also got a bed and several outfits.
Santa must have thought she was a very good girl.


Rebecca embraces the scooter she has been hounding us for for months. It was pretty emotional.
What it actually looks like she needs here is a new robe!

John thought he already knew what this was by the way it was wrapped.
He was right. Lava lamp.

Sarah got her green ipod.
As you can see she also got a crimper from Grandma Tracy.
She was very excited. Those were the two things she really wanted.

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Meg said...

Ahh, happy children...must be documented! lol