Thursday, January 21, 2010

Happy Birthday to me

So today is my 35th birthday. Nathaniel was being difficult this morning and doing the teenager crank thing. I know he was tired. But then I got annoyed and told him he could at least be nice to me today. When he asked why I told him it was my birthday and then I think he felt guilt.

My friends TraceCe and Shawn gave me a two year subscription to this magazine and took me out to lunch yesterday. I have thought about getting a subscription to one of these magazines before but just never have. I thought it was a very clever idea.

I got this from Peter.
He left Sunday for California and will not return until the beginning of February.
The note is always my favorite part of getting flowers from Peter.

There are 24 roses here.
(I counted:)

We went out for an early birthday dinner on Saturday to the Macaroni Grill with
Lily, Sarah, John, Peter, Grandpa, and myself.

Grandpa's mustache is growing in more now.

John was very good because I think he was feeling crummy with a cold.
He ate all his macaroni and cheese. It is a pretty big deal when he actually eats at a restaurant.


Meg said...

Ah, Happy Birthday yesterday! Beautiful flowers, and sweet card! I hope time goes fast for you until your hubby comes home again.

Bonnie said...

aww happy birthday! I can't believe I forgot to call! I love you oldest friend, and not in a you're old way, but you're my oldest friend! I have asked before for my loved ones to just write me a love note, thats really all I need! My friend was dealing with her kids being in a bad mood on her bday and she said be nice to me it's my bday and they called her a liar! not good