Saturday, March 27, 2010

Basketball season ends

Basketball season actually ended a while ago, but I wanted to post a few pictures anyway.
This one is the most accurate depiction of Nathaniel because being the tallest boy he spent most of the games in this position.
That was his job most of the time and was the thing he was best at.

And here we have him fouling another boy--though surprisingly he didn't get called on it.

Of course our favorite part was the redneck coaches I have previously mentioned. Specifically the main coach here in the gray (I was most disappointed he chose the day I was taking pictures to wear a clean shirt.)
He said a lot of funny things during the season but the one we liked best is when he yelled, "Come on ref! Use the whistle for somethin' other than holdin' your teeth apart!"

There was a general series of laughter from the stands at that one and Peter and I had to hold ourselves together.

Good hardworking man, our coach. Tellin' it like it is.

I did hope Nathaniel would find his hidden talent in basketball--but alas he did not. He did learn a lot, and did improve, especially because unlike the other boys he had never played before and was very lost at the beginning because he didn't speak basketball lingo yet.

Peter and I have not given up home that he will eventually get used to his height and loosen up a bit so he can achieve more fluid coordination, but for now he is doing track and we are thrilled with that. It is good for a kid to do a hard thing.


Amber said...

Oh, they had him playing center!!

I think it's pretty impressive that he started in with his whole heart. Especially considering he had never played basketball before.

I loved track. It is a sport I wish I had continued to do.

Sally said...

Coaches are awesome. They have good things to say. Dads (and sometimes Moms) have some amazing things to say too. We had to hold Gene back at most of Sean's games. I like the whistle comment.