Tuesday, March 2, 2010

My humanitarian day

We had my favorite Relief Society activity this Saturday--Springville Stake Humanitarian Day! This is an interfaith activity so there are women from different churches around the community and tons of projects going on. I'm sure there were over 200 women there.

For 4 1/2 hrs. I sewed like a mad woman on my gloriously fast Juki on cute stuff like these t-shirt dresses. (Take t-shirt. Sew material onto bottom. Done! Who knew I could sew clothes?)

After we sewed the dresses other people took them and painted decals on the t-shirts.
It was so funny to hear this one woman yell, "Heh! I just learned to decal a shirt!"
The little decoration added just the right touch and will make some little girl in Haiti or Chile feel very pretty.

Which brings me to the very best part of Humanitarian Day, when a random older woman, whom I've never seen before in my life, glances down at my name tag as she passes by and whispers, "A pretty name for a pretty girl."

Let's discuss this shall we?
First of all, she thinks my name is pretty.
Don't get me wrong, I like my name. But still.
Second, she thinks I am pretty.
Isn't that the greatest thing to hear?
It has been way too long for me I think.
Third, she called me "girl."
Which is awesome. Because this year I turned 35.
My son is 14 and I'll be married 16 yrs. in June.
(Not to mention that my memory must already be going because I thought we had been married 16 years last year. Peter is constantly reminding me that my medication affects my memory.)

But to someone, somewhere, I looked like a girl.

And then she just smiled and walked away. It happened so fast I'd probably never be able to recognize her again.

Good food for thought, says I.
What a difference something so small can make!
That will keep me going at least a week or more.

I think good things about people all the time! Why don't I tell them?
No time like the present, I guess.


Shannon said...

How cute are those dress's! I love the idea maybe I will even make one for myself. Thanks for the inspiration!

Sally said...

April, you have a Fairy Godmother!! I love those little random comments from sweet people. I think we should all say nice things to people all the time. Maybe we just get better at it as we get older? I guess I'm not old enough yet.
She's right, pretty name for a pretty girl. A very talented girl too!

Rebecca said...

I loved this post. Not only do I think I might be able to make that cute dress, but to hear that someone took the time to compliment you is wonderful. We all need this at times! We never know when our kind words will make the difference in someone's life.