Wednesday, February 24, 2010

Quilts of late

This one Amber and I have made before. Sarah made it for her teacher who was having twin boys. They were born this week about 10 wks. premature, but so far they seem healthy.
Oliver and Owen? Can't recall exactly.

Not quilted yet, but soon to be. The teacher wouldn't give them her address to keep in touch (probably because she isn't supposed to) but I told Sarah we have an in because we do their taxes and have their address on file.

I love cowboy fabric for little boys.
So cute.

Nice crease right down the middle--it had been folded before I took the pic.

This one is for a baby in our ward named, can you guess? His dad is a major marathon runner. Now, when I say major I am not exaggerating. The man runs 20 miles a day. In the snow.
So he ran the Boston marathon last year, which is a pretty big deal because you have to have run a certain time in another marathon just to qualify to run in the Boston.

They have three boys, Brandon, Brad, and Britton.
After an 8 year gap they up and decided to have another one.
Seems fitting to me.

I made this quilt for Penny after my friend gave me this Valentine print fabric.
She told me when she saw it it reminded her so much of me she just had to get it.
Then she got all teary-eyed when she gave it to me.

I rarely make seasonal quilts, but with this kind of Valentine fabric I had to create something fit for the season.
Found the perfect green to go with it too!--adorable.

So this is my latest project in the making. This one is a big-un too.
I am in love with it already. Check out these colors!!

These are a couple of the blocks. The pattern below was used by our quilt shop here in Springville, but instead of the red base fabric she used this black tulip fabric. I just love it.
Big Twilight fan, the designer called it, "Meet me in the Meadow."
I went ahead and took the class on this one and was glad I did.
Being a non-fan myself, I didn't wear my Twilight attire.
The instructor pulled me into their back room
where on the wall there was a giant picture of Edward.

I was polite and made sure to say goodbye to him when I left.

Turn your head because I couldn't figure out how to turn it.
Now picture black instead of the red background.


Sally said...

Where do you find the time!! Amazing, as usual!

Meg said...

Oooh I can't wait to see how your latest project turns out! I love that color, red, and white. You are so talented!