Saturday, February 20, 2010

My new friends

During the tax season it seems like unintentional tradition for me to do something to the house. Peter is gone and I am free to create chaos without supervision. Last year it was the kid's rooms. This year a much less ambitious project of plants.

Very sad story: When I moved here I brought two plants that lived very happy lives until last year when things got rough and they were neglected. It was especially sad because one was given to me by Penny for Easter years ago, and the other one was from a basket given to us for my Mom's funeral from all our friends back in the Cupertino Ward.

Alas, by the time I got to them they could not be saved. So after envying the beautiful plants around my friend's houses I decided I was ready to commit again.

Except sometimes I don't do something in a small way (my teen is here rolling his eyes). For the past few days I've been buying plants and pots. The garage is covered in potting soil but my house looks lots more homey now.

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Bonnie said...

awww i love it! I have maybe 2 plants and I keep buying and killing the sticks of bamboo from ikea. they do bring a nice feeling into the house, unless they are dying and then they stress me out!