Wednesday, February 10, 2010

Travis and Ginny

My cousin Ginny was married January 30th in the Logan Temple and I took wedding photos for the first time. I don't see myself as a wedding photographer in my future.

The temperature was somewhere in the teens and we thought we would surely freeze to death--especially Ginny! Thanks be I remembered to bring gloves because the photographer doesn't get to put their hands in their pockets too often. I saw several other brides who wore cloaks that were very nice, but Ginny wanted none of that! She looked great and Travis was a very cooperative groom. They held a dinner for everyone after the wedding and it was all very nice.

Ginny is the independent type and we all got a little giggle in when the sealer asked Travis to help her up and down from the alter until Ginny finally said, "I got it."

They are going to be living here in Springville now so I'm sure we'll be getting together soon.
Congratulations Travis & Ginny!

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