Thursday, February 18, 2010

More of my John

Our favorite John quotes lately:
(Speaking of the dog)"I feel bad for Charlie." ("Oh? Why is that John?") "Cause he is gonna die."

"I like milk from soy cows!"

" I don't want to watch this! I want to watch 'James and the Gina Peach!'"

What was John doing as I was blissfully dozing off around 11pm the other night? Cutting our cat Caramel's hair. Again. I was rudely awakened by a noise which let me know he was up lurking around.
He is awake late most nights because my poor little OCD kid can't get to sleep. So he plays until late in the night. Building things, arranging things, eating things.
Don't get me wrong, he makes plenty of messes, but he can also be very orderly.

Pool table at my grandpa's house.
Dinner anyone?

This is typical of what I wake up to in the morning as John sleeps until 10am.
No one is allowed to touch the creations, including but not limited to, moving the rice pack.

I went back to bed after the kids left this morning, something I haven't done in a while. I left the TV on PBS and a granola bar on the counter.
Did he eat that? Heck no! Instead he set himself up with this:

Note the apple juice in the giant cup, (kinda looks like pee, doesn't it? Caught me off guard for a second) the remote control, and the phone. He gave me my messages when I got up.
"Mom. Someone called from Tehachapi. I think it was Cameron's mom. Then this guy called and I told him you were sleeping." Thanks John!!

Then he told me he wanted strawberry oatmeal on the double.
"Strawberry mom! Remember I want only strawberry every morning."
Got that one loud and clear John.
We all got that, don't we?


Amber said...

Hmm I just made a connection. My dearest husband still doesn't like to go to sleep. I never thought of it as an OCD left over from his childhood years. Well, thanks for helping me make that connection!

( husband does stay up late doing homework. And I rarely find the house tidy when I wake up. If only magical elves would show up.)

Sally said...

Never a dull moment. Gotta love that guy!

Cristin said...

I totally thought it was pee until you said it was apple juice. Thanks for clearing that up.