Wednesday, February 10, 2010

Mentally Unstable Son O' Mine

This morning I went into my bathroom to find that John had left this in the bathtub. Rebecca is not going to be happy because not only is that her pickle jar, but that is her cloth baby doll.
Sarah and I were both very disturbed (wish I had her reaction on video--picture puzzled/confused/grossed out all at once) and could not help thinking about the babies in jars we had seen in museums. Museums is one thing. It just isn't something you want to run into unexpectedly.
Like in your house.
In your bathroom.
With a bottle beside it.

So this got me to thinking that I had better have on record, in case I die, exactly how to make John's breakfast. These directions must be followed with exactness. If at any step you make a mistake you will need to start over again.


Get out 2 packages of Strawberry Oatmeal.
It must be Quaker and it must be Strawberry.
Open them but don't pour them into anything.
If you are out someone will have to make an emergency rush to the store.
Best to stock up while at Walmart. They are cheapest there.

Now get this bowl and fill halfway to the line with water.
Microwave for 1 min.

Do not use this bowl. It does not have a line.

Take out this spoon.

Absolutely NOT this spoon.

Pour milk in a clean plastic cup (not glass) and then place by bowl of hot water, spoon, and opened packages of oatmeal. John will do the rest.
Sometimes this must be repeated more than once during the day.

When our pediatrician suggested John might be obsessive/compulsive we were not necessarily surprised, but it was upsetting nonetheless. When I mentioned this to Amber she looked at me and said, "Ummm...duh."

Hmmm. Guess I may have just overlooked something.

I like to assume John will make it through life just learning to cope with his strange habits, but we do push him to deviate on things.

Just not the oatmeal. Don't mess with the oatmeal.


Cristin said...

Whoa. That is kind of disturbing to see the baby in the jar. Reminds me of when my 2 year old brother-in-law visited our ward in Provo. He kept shoving the baby in the toy microwave during nursery. Not as bad as the jar, but it was weird.

Bonnie said...

rofl that is so funny and awesome!!! I needed a good laugh. Connor got in trouble when it was take a stuffed animal to school day and he took his all bandaged up, his head and legs and arms, they thought it was a sign he was disturbed. Why couldn't they look at it and say gee, he should be a DR?!

Sally said...

Love your John stories! You handle it all so well!

makingthemomentscount said...

My husband struggled with OCD throughout his childhood and now researches it at BYU. OCD dominated his life and his heart goes out to your son.

(In fact, he wrote this comment for me. Apparently I wasn't doing a good enough job of writing it myself.)

Amy said...

This killed me, I love all the pictures, right bowl..wrong bowl...right spoon...wrong spoon. We all have our weird ticks don't we.