Thursday, March 11, 2010

My son is funny (the other one)

John has taken to a bear he calls Spencer.
"Mom, Spencer needs a raincoat. Make him one."
"Mom, Spencer is cold at night. You need to make him pajamas."
Bummer that mom doesn't sew clothes.
Well this was cute and I thought it was very sweet of John to care for his bear so lovingly until I found it blindfolded and hogtied the other night.
"What the heck John?"
"We were playing."
Very weird we all thought and so Nathaniel took the opportunity to tell John that it would be a good idea if he didn't feed the bear because then it would become real, like on the Velveteen Rabbit. Except the bear would be ostracized by society as a freak of nature and come back to want to kill his creator like in Frankenstein.
Not so very long ago I had to read Frankenstein for my British Literature class and not only did I think this was a very interesting application, but I found it hilarious.

Sometimes Nathaniel can be the typical annoying one-word answer teen that we are all familiar with, but a good deal of the time he is very talkative (to the point of demanding my attention NOW) and nice to be around. And the best thing is that he absolutely kills me with his sense of humor.
Of course, you know how I do love to laugh.
Here is a typical drawing of Nathaniel's I find lying around the house:

"Attack of the Giant Ape People"

I find these a lot. At least this one is not gory or anything.
The other night Peter was in town and we went out for dinner and a movie, which is something we very rarely do as a whole family, but it was really fun. We saw "Alice in Wonderland" (which was awesome, I thought--love you Johnny--amazing as usual) and then out for dinner where the conversation somehow turned into kid jokes. Sarah asked what has four legs and flies. The answer was a horse. Har har.
Nathaniel thought of a new punchline. So here goes.
What has four legs and flies?
A poop with legs.
I may be juvenile, but I laughed a good long time.

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Meg said...

What an imagination! Funny kid! He should write books!