Tuesday, April 27, 2010


Yea--it was crowded. Peter would have lost it.
(Note to self: Do NOT go to Disneyland on spring break)

John wanted to wear a gray shirt and I absolutely refused and Sarah openly questioned me as to why I was insisting he wear a bright green shirt. There were about 500 times that question was answered that day.

John fell asleep the second he hit his seat on the shuttle to our hotel at 12:30 am--which by the way, have I mentioned how absolutely filthy and disgusting our hotel was? It was a Ramada and there was mold in the bathroom, the floors were peeling, there was huge holes in the wallpaper, and the carpet was almost black.
I freaked out and called Peter who was in the very thick of the end of the tax season. He told me he couldn't deal with anymore problems on that day and so I needed to turn off the lights and go to sleep.

I slept with my clothes on to make sure I didn't touch the blankets and I forced the kids to wear their shoes every second we were there.
Never, ever, ever, EVER again.

This is how John spent the day until about 1 or 2 o'clock. He followed Mickey until he stopped and all these kids lined up for a picture. We were at the front and Rebecca was standing with Mickey and-- uhhh...where the heck is John? Mickey is pantomiming looking concerned and I am freaking out because he was right there 3 seconds ago. I spot him bolting down main street some distance away and take off after him with the whole crowd looking on.
"I don't want my picture with Mickey!! I'm scared! I want to go back to the hotel! Take me back!"
Oh. My. Gosh. John.

This was a safari ride where John screamed the whole time that he was scared and we were going to sink. This was a another example of the first half of the day.
Once he relaxed he finally perked up and then did great the rest of the day.

My personal favorite ride. I wish we could have gone a second time.

Poor Rebecca wanted to be running around free like Nathaniel and Sarah (who struck out together) but was stuck with me for a good portion of the day because I just didn't think she was old enough to be supervised by a 14 and 11 yr old in Disneyland. (What kind of a crazy mom am I anyway?)
She still got to go on lots of things and I sent her on rides with them in the latter half of the day--but I probably spent a total of 2 hours or more waiting at the end of rides for them to get off to be safe.

John did this on almost every ride--so funny.
Rebecca's face is pretty self-explanatory as well.

All in all I think Disneyland was a success. We all had a blast.
I would totally do this again--only during a slower time of the year!


Christi Williams said...

How fun! We have taken our family to Disneyland each year we had someone graduate from High School. When first child graduated was the first time any of my kids had been before. It was just as magical for the 18 as it was for the 3 year olds. We than made it our new tradition .What wonderful memories you are making.

Meg said...

Ha, I love the last picture - too funny! Way to go super mom...the long drive alone, without Jason, would kill me! Looks like it was a blast!