Sunday, April 18, 2010

John and BFF Buzz Light Year

We celebrated John's 6th birthday today with a homemade Buzz Light Year ice cream cake made by yours truly. The picture doesn't do it justice--it was huge!
If you know John you know he and and Buzz are the very best of friends.
I have the cutest pictures of him when he was only 1 and 2 sleeping with his Buzz and Woody. He carried them every single day when I walked over to pick up Rebecca from kindergarten. The crossing guard would always talk to him about them and he would tell her all about their latest adventures. One time I was chasing him because I was trying to get him to put on his shoes. He turned his head and shouted, "Not today Zurg!"
He is out of his mind in anticipation of Toy Story III--I really wish they wouldn't advertise these things so early--they've been promoting it for at least a year!!

Here he is today getting his first video game.
He also got Lego Zurg and Buzz, a Toy Story Blanket, a Jessie doll,
and a Toy Story dinosaur Pez from Aunt Sally and family.

John's Toy Story toys are everywhere and he collects anything having to do with the movies. Monkeys in Barrel, Mr. Potato head, etc.

He has a collection of Buzz and guess what he wanted for Christmas? Another Buzz of course!
So when we went to Disneyland last week the first ride we had to go on was the Buzz ride. He was beside himself with anticipation and couldn't decide whether he was excited or terrified. I got this little video of him with Peter's tiny camera I took with us. So cute!!

He absolutely loved it of and we went on it again.

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Sally said...

The cake is amazing! I wish we all could have come over and seen/eaten it in person! I hope John is feeling better and you and Peter have a wonderful time in Park City!