Sunday, April 18, 2010

Newport Beach

Took the kids to Newport Beach while in CA. I'm not much of a beach girl but I gotta say it was SO nice. The day before it had been snowing in Tehachapi and we came to 80+ weather. The weather in Utah while we were gone was snowy, rainy, and just miserable. My neighbors were not interested in hearing about how nice it was. Why can't some people just be glad for you? I'm always glad for people when they get the chance to do something fun.

Very nice not to have any kids afraid of the water this time around. John was in heaven in his giant sandbox and was so bold in the water I was nervous and kept having to tell him not to go out so far. The water was cold as usual, but not frigid.
We ate at the Crab Cooker where we were not impressed with the price for the servings and the Rockin' Lobster, which was fantastic. We'll be going back there as soon as we can. My kids just love seafood. Such smart children. Though sometimes I wish they didn't and there would be more for me:)

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Sally said...

I want to go to California!