Saturday, April 2, 2011

Daddy Grandpa Nite

Rebecca & "Daddy" Grandpa
So cute.

The annual Daddy Daughter Achievement Day came and this is the first time they have held it this early I think. Peter missed it by a day. Rebecca was all excited to give him her invitation and then threw it away and went all drama-mama when she found out he wouldn't be there. I kept level headed and told her many kids don't have any daddy or worse a daddy that doesn't care about their kids and that she was very lucky because there are plenty of people who would be happy to step in for Peter. I knew Grandpa would be the perfect one and told her we would bring the invitation over that night. She perked right up.

They had a great time. It was a progressive dinner where they did the main dish, then the appetizers, then the salad, just to shake things up a bit I guess. The dads were supposed to share some things about the girls at the end when they met up at the church for dessert and Grandpa wasn't sure what to share so I gave him a story and here it is:

When Rebecca was three she was more than just a handful. No need to delve into that one though, suffice it to say we didn't think we'd ever survive it. One day our neighbors, the Gambles, were having a welcome home missionary party across the street. We went, socialized a little, then went back home and went to bed. The next morning I found a plate of food by Rebecca's door in the hallway. Thought that was weird since I didn't remember anyone bringing home any food, but I forgot about it quickly.
Later that week Brother Gamble was talking about Rebecca being at the party when they were playing a game. I assured him she wasn't there for that. We were all in bed by then. He was sure she was there. After the game he watched her walk her back across the street to our house.
"Was there any lights on?" I asked, "Did anyone come to the door?"
Come to think of it, he said, he didn't think so. She just walked into the house.
Turned out Rebecca had a busy social life after we all went to bed.
We installed a latch at the top of the front door and started locking Rebecca in her room at night. I was more afraid what she might do if she got out then of a fire. Sometimes I'd get up in the middle of the night and unlatch her door just to ease my conscience, but then I couldn't sleep for worry she might get up before I was up.

I have yet to look back on these days with fondness.

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Sally said...

Too cute! I know Dad had a great time too! Rebecca is a cutie!