Monday, April 18, 2011

Spring Break 2011

Made the annual trek down to Tehachapi for Spring Break. We went to Newport again and again poor Peter didn't get to go due to it being the last week of the tax season.
The weather was not as warm as last year but still so great coming from Utah where it snowed almost all the way to St George on the way to California.

All the cousins

At the beach . . .

Peter's sister Megan went with us to Newport at my request.
It was Daniel's first trip to the beach and he took to it almost instantly.
Giant sandbox? Bring it on!

Rebecca's hair looks lovely in the wind.
That never happens to me.

Rare moment in which Daniel lets his Auntie April hold him.

Grandpa is not so used to having so many kiddies around.
Course John has that special gift of being able to wear just about anyone out.

2nd Annual Easter Egg Hunt on Grandma & Grandpa's large property
This year there was $25 to be found. I hid the $10 one in a bush and watched as kid after kid looked through it without seeing it. It was driving me crazy!

I don't think there are many businesses out there like a tax business.
It is so predictable and condensed.
One day everyone is frantic and the phone is ringing off the hook--
and then all the sudden it is over and we are all reeling.
Here we all are at our celebratory dinner. Two of our office staff were able to make it, but only one was able to bring her family. We had 21 people seated at the table!

Peter's mom and our most fantastic office manager Anna.
We'd pretty much die without her.

Peter's dad Nat, (side of John's head) Peter's brother Charles, Peter and Nathaniel.

John and Heidi were so cute.

Anna and John celebrate with a little boogy-down.
Woo-hoo! Another tax season down!

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