Wednesday, June 8, 2011

Nathaniel making me laugh

Nathaniel texted me right after I got home from dropping him off at a soccer game at 7am on Saturday morning "I forgot my water."
Then he sends another, "But its fine. Ill just sit here and dehydrate."
Of course I drove back. Meh.

He is at EFY this week and right after he left I went to straighten up his bathroom and found his electric toothbrush still plugged in. I texted him telling him to please tell me he brought one. (He did)
These are a few of our texts the last couple of days:
Nathaniel: We have 38 ppl in our group. We ended up with 2 girl groups. That means 2 girls per guy!
Mom: Only 1 for each arm? Sounds rough!
Just so ya know, Nathaniel still won't talk to girls (which I say a prayer of thanks for every day) and hates dances so much he would probably rather go to the dentist, which is saying a lot, so I think EFY is good for him.

Nathaniel: I got up at 5:45 this morning. Then i got to sit through a morningside followed by a class about the abrahamic covenant by this guy who kept yelling a ton.
Mom: Sounds great!
Nathaniel: Were flippen tired! We are trying to not fall asleep. Weve both been drinking a ton of sprite and eating skittles and junk
Mom: Sounds like yr trying to make yrself sick alright. Go to bed early boy
Nathaniel: The showers get way busy by like 6:30. We can't go to bed til 10:30. I felt sick during the dumb dance from massive amounts of captain crunch, skittles and sprite
Mom: Just hope you didn't throw up

But the best one was the text I got this morning:
Nathaniel: This kid in our group said this during the prayer: "and thank you for your daughters and their soft eyes and luscious lips."
Mom: Oh dear.

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