Tuesday, June 14, 2011

Determined to go to the temple

I've been wanting to get these baptism names my parents sent me done and after making arrangements for John we agreed last night that Sarah, Nathaniel, Peter and I would leave this morning at 7:15 am for the Provo temple. Busy place over there and the earlier the better. Nathaniel isn't so hip on the idea because he finds the baptisms awkward (due to his height maybe?) so we sweeten the deal by agreeing to take him to breakfast afterward.

As you know good intentions are always thwarted by detours and last night about 10:30 Nathaniel discovers that his recommend is expired. I told him we'd deal with it in the morning and went to bed.

It just so happened that the woman who volunteered to babysit John is married to a member of the bishopric, so this morning I called him at 7am and he agreed to run over to the church to interview Nathaniel. I love living here.

But just as we think we're back on track Nathaniel finds that his church pants are in the washer and throws them in the dryer and I am following him around while he's in his boxers telling him to get on his jeans and run up to the church.

The pants dried pretty fast I guess because they were ready to go by 7:30 when we left. Nathaniel, who said he must have put his pants on "inferno setting" has to wait a minute for them to cool before he could put them on because they are burning hot. Of course I think this is funny.

I was feeling pretty good as we were running only 15 minutes behind. We had not driven more than 1/2 a mile from the house when Sarah announces that she just threw up. Nathaniel is in the back seat desperately trying to visualize himself away from the scene as we turn around to take her home.

Turns out she took a medication this morning that you are supposed to eat with food and all she had was a couple of pieces Canadian bacon. This strikes me as ironic because Nathaniel had just informed me the other day that he doesn't like ham anymore and all I'm thinking is, great, one more thing one of my kids won't eat, and having Sarah vomit ham next to him is not going to help me change his mind.

I'm happy to report that we got all 40 of my names, as well as 5 of Peter's done and all went great once we arrived at the temple.

As we walked into Einstein's Bagels for breakfast I suggested that Nathaniel might want to try the bagel with cheese and ham.
I just kill myself!

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Sally said...

Such dedication! I am amazed once again!