Friday, July 1, 2011

Friday night fun

A few weeks ago I noticed John was rubbing his eyes and moaning. This isn't necessarily cause for alarm with John--he's a dramatic guy after all. But when I took a closer look I saw that the whites of his eyes were very swollen and filled with fluid to the point where it was actually pushing his eyelids out.

I was definitely alarmed. It was (of course) 6:15 on Friday night when I discover this. I immediately drove him over to Peter's office to tell him I want him to go with me to urgent care. The waiting room was filled with sick people. Poor John is utterly miserable. I think maybe this is pink eye but I've never seen pink eye do this before. After two hours we are seen and doctor takes one look and immediately knows it is some kind of severe allergic reaction. He prescribes Benadryl at night and two allergy pills in the morning. John seems immediately relieved and is back to his normal self in a couple of days.

I have never heard of this before and was talking to my nurse friend who works in pediatric and she said she's only seen it once and it was on an adult. The above picture of Mr. Messy Face just doesn't hardly do it justice. I think by this point the Benadryl was already taking effect.

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RaEStoCo said...

If my eyes are itchy and I rub them a lot they whites of my eyes will swell up too. It helps me to wash my hands and face so whatever allergen is bothering me gets washed away.