Friday, July 1, 2011

I am not a carpenter

Peter and I celebrated our 17th anniversary on Friday. We went for our annual trip to Cedar City to stay at the bed and breakfast our friends and tax clients own. It is very, very nice. While we were there we saw Midsummer's Night Dream, which is actually the play the bed and breakfast is named after. I didn't know the play very well and reading the summary of the plot was even more confusing. The whole fairy thing wasn't doing anything for me and I just wasn't sure I even wanted to see it. But it was playing while we were going to be there and so we bought tickets.

It was fabulous. The best play we've seen I feel. The Shakespeare Festival plays are so well done-- they have all been very good. But this one absolutely took our breath away. It was that good. Go if you get the chance!!

In our married life we have never bought bedroom furniture. I've always wanted an actual bed but it just never was a priority I guess. At first I thought I'd buy a used headboard and just paint it, but I wasn't finding one I liked so I wondered if I could just make my own and started looking online for ideas and came across one where they used old cabinets. It was exactly the look I wanted so I decided to go for it.

Picked up these cabinets free in some stuff a couple was getting ready to throw away in a move. Took off the handles and made a frame. Attached cabinets, added msf boards and molding, then painted.
This project wasn't the funnest thing for me. I don't suspect I'll want to do it again soon.

There was a lot of noise coming out of my garage for a couple of days with all the pounding of nails and cutting of wood.

I'll say this much--there is a great amount of caulking to cover up all the poor craftsmanship in this!

After it was painted Nathaniel came out to the garage and I asked him what he thought.

"Since when can you build stuff?"
Then he walked back in the house.
Guess that means he liked it!

I love this painting Rebecca did a few years ago. I've had it framed for some time and thought it would be very appropriate to finally hang it up by some raindrops I bought back in April and am finally getting around to hanging. No cute pillows or anything on the bed yet.
The blue was the first color I painted in this house and I love it just as much today as I did then.


RaEStoCo said...

The headboard look awesome April! It looks a lot like ours that we paid $250 for. Nice job!

Sally said...

April, you amaze me! The headboard looks fantastic! The room is great! Huge pat on the back for you!!