Saturday, February 16, 2013

6th Grade Sock Hop 2013

Rebecca wanted a poodle skirt for the the annual sock hop. Despite two years of home economics in junior high I'm not much of a seamstress. Gratefully this was very easy and basically consisted of cutting a hole in some felt. Rebecca insisted she wanted black and white and I thought it came out very nicely.

Learning to dance 50's style.

This kid here was too cool for words.

This is Rebecca being forced to dance with a boy. 
He's to the left-- didn't catch him because they are too far apart to be in the same frame. The instructor (in the pink) kept yelling, "Closer! Closer!" None of the girls were having it.

I went to get pictures of the event but ended up taking quite a few pictures of Will, who was feeling a bit abandoned in his stroller.

Does she see me?

I think she sees me!

It's Mom!

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