Sunday, February 3, 2013

The Mitchell House and the protective art of licking

In this house my children have a strange way of marking their territory. I think it may stem from John's germ phobias and his utter meltdowns over whether we accidentally brushed against plate or touched the rim of his cup when we got out a glass for his milk. Whatever the case, the protective measure taken to save one's place at the table is frequently, "That's my spot! I licked the plate!" or "That's my cup! I already licked it!" Which is ridiculous because they did not. Also? Disgusting and stupid. I opened the fridge last week and Sarah had written a note and attached it to the broccoli salad: "This is Sarah's. She already ate out of it." (Turns out that didn't deter Nathaniel who ate it later anyway. Funny to me because he aways says the rest of us have "super-AIDS," whatever that is.)
I'd be very curious to know if anyone else's household does this.
Today after church there was only a little root beer left. I really, really wanted the rest of that root beer with my sandwich, which I knew may be gone by the time actually had time to make it. So I made sure I had everyone's attention and announced I was going to lick the bottle and make it mine.
Nathaniel protested this plan. I did it anyway. He said he hopes I get diabetes.
Oh man, did I enjoy that root beer.

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Bonnie said...

lol that is so awesome!! good job for marking your territory!!