Thursday, January 31, 2013

Dr. Seuss Themed New Beginnings

 Sarah and her friend Taylor were in charge of 
New Beginnings as one of their value projects.

There was a quote from a different Dr. Seuss book for each value.
There's my Rebecca talking about Divine Nature!

 I gotta say assemble-your-own-Schlopp is quite good!

This was the introduction of the new girls table. 
There is a poem in the background written about them in Dr. Seuss style. That was my job. 
Taylor's mother supervised everything else.
She says she got a lot of ideas online.
I think she's glad this is over!

Each girl got to take one of these home.


Nick Ashley Reagan Coen & Ike said...

So cute! Any chance you could tell us what is on your arrows for the take home gifts?

Sydney said...

So cute! Is there any way you could send me the quotes and books you used for each value? We are planning to do something similar for our YWIE this fall. Thanks for sharing!

Ashley Reece said...

Can you tell me what quotes you used for each value? We are doing something similar for Young Women in Excellence in a few weeks. Also, how did you make the take home arrow signs? Thanks!

Martha said...

i love your idea!!! I'd love to know what quotes you used from each book for the values as well. Trying to put together a New Beginnings for this years theme and love your idea.

sophia santos said...

This looks so cute!! Love it! Is there a way you could send me the quotes for each value and whats on the arrows for the stand? Thank you!!!

Tim Walker said...

What a Suessical YW in Excellence! I have all the books and have tried to zoom in to read the quotes on the signs, but am unsuccessful. Could you share them with me?
Thank you!