Saturday, January 12, 2013


Nathaniel says things that everyone thinks, but don't even realize they are thinking. 
(Does that make sense?)
Anyway, sometimes it is annoying, and sometimes it is downright hilarious.
Tonight he came home from a date. I made a comment about something and he says, "Mom, you don't even remember what it was like to date in high school."
"Maybe so," I said. "And I'm glad because I hate dating."
"Why would you hate dating? You don't even have to do the asking. All you have to do is stay home and feel bad that you didn't get asked."
Only Nathaniel can make me laugh as he insults me.

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Bonnie said...

lol ok you win!! My teenagers pull the well you did this 20 years ago what do you know. All the time, seriously, high school isn't all that different. And they complain about 6:45 seminary, I said mine started at 6, and my friend had to RIDE HER BIKE