Wednesday, January 9, 2013

Will's first solid food

So I'm doing something different with this child and am actually going to try to regularly feed him solid foods starting at 6 months, which happens to be tomorrow. 

With my other ones they just never seemed that interested in the whole baby food thing and I just let them decide when they were ready to start eating. But I've since done more reading and talked with pediatrician and turns out if you feed them at this age you have a better chance of getting them to eat more diversely later. I'm told taste is learned and the older they get, even by a few months, the more opinionated they are about trying new things. 

Pediatrician also said to start them on vegetables first because you want them to develop a taste for that before the sweetness in fruit, which makes sense to me. Why did I never understand this before?

(John's place setting at right--note no food, only toys--arghh!!)
Since meals with the family STILL consist of John eating NOTHING I'm hoping I do a better job cultivating a more diverse palate with Will. Guess we'll find out how much control I have over it!

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