Thursday, February 7, 2013

It's pretty simple. Really.

About a year ago I started doing something called "freecycle." Check it out online, they probably have a group in your area. After several people I know mentioned they really loved it I decided to try it out for myself. It's basically a network to get rid of or receive useful things for free. I've seen all sorts of things, used wood, blinds, furniture, etc. Lots of stuff maybe someone could use but you wouldn't really advertise in another way.

The great thing is that it all gets picked up right from your door. MS Society comes about once a month and I always have stuff for them and during the move I loaded my van several time to drop it off at the DI but freecycle is nice because it is usually pretty immediate that someone can come get it, they can pick it up right off your porch, and most of all I think a lot of these people are down on their luck and could really use the stuff. They can also advertise for things they need that you may just have lying around (like a toddler coat in a certain size.) In one case I was able to give someone my old baby monitor that really needed one. I had kept it around all these years from Nathaniel and used it for all my babies before but with Will I got a new video one (which I LOVE) and when I saw someone was wanting just a working one I thought, this is silly I have this thing lying around when someone else could be using it.

The point is I've really had good experiences so far. But you know? There are always people out there that can stir things up. This was just too good to keep to myself so I thought I'd share. I won't go into the details of it except to say that after much delay and having this thing sitting on my porch for several days I got this email.

By the way, except for the street I took out this isn't edited.

Email to me:
I wish I'd had a phone number for you on my rather traumatic attempt to come by tonight.

I spent a couple of hours trying to find your house since I know that area pretty well and didn't realize it would be difficult. I had a friend on the phone and also someone living on (took this out) look up on Google Maps but it makes the road look connected to 300 S. I made it to the scary back road inlet and went the wrong direction, nearly heading down off of what's basically a cliff and I ended up getting stuck in snow for an hour. 

People heard me and no one would help, but I finally dug myself out with my window scraper (about 8 times) and finally got traction from a blanket I keep in my car. That area is quite nasty with the unplowed road--assuming my looking at the map on a large screen (my phone was impossible to view) is the actual place.

Anyway, all of that is to say that I really, really tried to get there, but I've lived here all of my life and got lost and repeatedly stuck in snow. I don't think I can actually get to your house, so I guess just give it to someone else. I am pretty overwhelmed and exhausted by my attempt.

My reply: 
I was very sorry to hear of the terrible time you had trying to get here. I would be more than happy to drive the item to you if you are here in Springville. Just email me your address I'll drop it off on your porch.

Her response:
Wait. Was that a Springville address? I thought it was in Provo. I guess that would explain everything. Huh. I could have sworn I checked to make sure your post was from the Provo group. Strange.

So there it is folks. And to think these people are just out there walking among us.

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