Monday, August 19, 2013


This summer John has been into reading Calvin and Hobbes. 
Like a lot. Like hours a day a lot. 
He started searching online for a Hobbes doll and began hounding me to buy him one. With John there is something new to obsess over every week so I was thinking it was just another passing fancy and determined to wait it out.
It didn't pass. Eventually I looked into how much it would cost to buy one one and discovered, evidently as many had before me, that they cannot be bought because they are not commercially made. If he wanted one I had to make it myself. 
If you are interested in making your own somebody went to a whole lot of work to make the pattern available to the world and you can see that here
Just know that it took me like 20 hours to make, which for me means a week and a half of sewing nights. It was about more than  John could stand waiting for me to finish that thing.

Say hello to John's new best friend. 
(He washes up nicely doesn't he?)

With all the Calvin and Hobbes books lying around the house this summer Peter and I have enjoyed reading some of it. Now that we have been parents, especially parents of a certain terror of a 9-year-old, we are seeing there is way more than a bit of truth to some of the comedy-- which makes it even funnier to us.

(Sometimes I think this is who I really live with.)

Even Will appreciates it:)

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