Tuesday, August 20, 2013

Hosting for Folk Fest

We hosted two girls from Folkfest this year.

Springville World Folkfest is really cool and is even more so to us because it was started by family on my mother's side. 
We've hosted once before as you may remember, with four boys that came from the Czech Republic. That was a good experience.
This one not so much.

Here you see one of the better experiences.
We roasted marshmallows (their first time making smores) in our backyard at 11:30 pm one night after the show (and the after-show-party party) with six of the Taiwan girls and several of Sarah's boy "friends" who unabashedly flirted with the foreign girls who in turn thought those boys were incredibly good looking and giggled and had themselves a grand ol' time.

They were particularly fond of Sarah's waffles, which was great because I didn't have to make it.

Having had several Japanese exchange students over the years we eagerly anticipated something more along the super-respectful, ever-fasinated, and genuine sweetness and humble nature of the Japanese. These girls were not so much. I was disappointed to find that they came equipped with phones they spent most of their time on and could be very dismissive of my presence. They were a bit demanding and a little high-and-mighty, and well, just a little too much like American teens.
I have two teens and a tween thank-you-very-much and when everyone else in the family became disenchanted with these rather ungrateful and aloof girls I got left with the lot of it.
It was a long week.
We will not be doing this again for some time.

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