Tuesday, August 20, 2013

Sick babies

A couple of weeks ago we took him with us to the Shakespeare Festival in Cedar City where I was reminded of why I hate traveling with this kid. He only wants to sleep is his own crib in his own room in his own house. We both came home exhausted and Will's nose immediately started running. A few days later he started burning a fever and was one super unhappy baby. Finally took him to the pediatrician where they diagnosed him with a virus and an ear infection. Three doses of medicine later we saw the tell-tale rash and realized he must be allergic to the same antibiotic as John. 
Sick babies are no fun. When they're unhappy everybody knows it and it pretty much rules your life.
Will's been such a sweet and easy-going baby he almost fools Peter and I into occasionally thinking we could do this again. Ha. Fleeting thought. Occasions like this are good reminders of why we are too old for this.
Mercifully he began to recover this weekend and is now feeling lots better and is back to toddling and babbling about the house.

Enjoy these pictures Rebecca took for me. I was trying to get a cute picture of he and I together.
(It wasn't working out so good.)

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