Monday, September 2, 2013

Running away like a pro(fessional)

Bought a briefcase for John at the DI during the summer. Had a combination lock and everything. (I remember my dad having one of those.) Made sure to program the code into my phone.
Fast forward several weeks later we can't find a toy of John's so I decided it was time to break into the locked briefcase that had been sitting in the window bench for almost a week.

And here we find this, all packed and ready to head out with his good friend Spencer. Spencer is seven I believe. That makes him at least a full two years younger than John, which is great for John because that makes him a much more easily manipulated "friend." (Truly sorry Corey)
John feeds all kinds of wacky ideas into that poor impressional mind of his and I knew right away because of the double bags that good ol' Spence had yet again been drug into another of John's devious designs.

They had been planning a run-away. John has here pretzels, bananas (which he won't eat so you figure that one out,) and some Hershey Bars. He had gummy vitamins mixed in with the pretzels, plastic cups, marshmallows, a bottle of water and in case they were going to be gone a really, really, long time-- a disposable razor. (Cue Nathaniel: I was WONDERING where that razor went! I KNEW John did something with it!")
Very glad I had that code as who knows how long these bananas would have gone unfound. Due to circumstances I won't elaborate on I can safely share that seriously rotting bananas smell just like stinky feet.

Spencer's mom Corey tells me his bag had things like baking soda in case of a bee sting, bars of soap, a toothbrush, water--sounds like a very practically minded kid. He'd at least be clean and in practice of good dental hygiene when he died of starvation and John would be found quite the opposite after he slipped into his diabetic coma.

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