Friday, September 20, 2013

Spelling is not her strong point . . .

Here is a photo of a recent email from Rebecca:
This screen phono comes after a long period of scrolling through a seemingly endless number of "EVER"s. It has come to her attention that sometimes when she doesn't log out of her email account there may have been a few instances when I saw words like "Super Secret!" and I knew I must read on.
For safety's sake.

Her friends recoiled in horror at the thought of Rebecca's-Evil-Facebook-Password-Changing-Mom when I decided she was spending too much time on it and not enough on brain-stimulating activities, family togetherness, cleaning or otherwise helping in the house, reading a book or (please no!) catching up on some homework. 

The good news is that she wasn't talking about dying, but actually dieting. Much less concerning. 
Rebecca. You kill me. 
Though I'm very glad I'm not having to hear your dying words since I don't know what I'd do without you--I must admit to being curious about what exactly would constitute "dieting words."

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