Wednesday, September 11, 2013

Yard Sales

Been doing a lot of shopping at yard sales lately. A friend in my ward (who also happens to be an expert yard saler/deal finder) goes with me and I've scored some great stuff.

Here is clothes from Saturday's haul. I hit the jackpot that day for Will, John and Rebecca. Gap, Gymboree, Aeropostale, and a bunch of other places that have some pretty cute kids clothes. I even found two new pairs of Rebecca's favorite Old Navy skinny jeans in her size. I can't really buy many clothes for Sarah or Nathaniel at yard sales and I still have to buy John's lined pants from Lands End-- as well as other must-haves-- but this has really opened my eyes to what I can get for getting up early on Saturday mornings. Peter asked me what I think the savings was. I'd say about 90-95% off what I can get an item on sale from the store.

Yesterday a girl asked her where she got her cute shirt. Rebecca told her the truth, which I think is funny. The girl looked a bit taken and then annoyed that she didn't know where to go out and find one for herself.

Here is a sampling of Will's toys I got at yard sales. You can watch the video of Will enjoying the toy that retails on Amazon for 80 bucks that I bought for a dollar here.
If I was really looking for a particular thing for a particular day (like his birthday) I paid a bit more (like the riding lady bug Will uses as a walker) that retails for $60 and I got for $20 and found them on KSL, which is like Utah's Craig's List.

I don't buy a lot of furniture because I only like to get things I need and I don't need much but this was something I wanted to put in my laundry room. Pretty beat up but a solid and well made piece of furniture. Got it for $5 and refinished it:

And after.

(That cubby is just calling out to me for a cute basket to put lost socks in.)

Not that I don't pay the price in other ways sometimes. Here is my house on Saturday night after an extended morning of yard sales followed by a nap, Saturday errands, kids homework, and bringing dinner to a family in the ward:
Why do I think I can nap when the family is at home?

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