Thursday, August 14, 2014

Family vacation to Moab

We finally got a chance to take a few days off and go to Moab as a family.

And bonus! Aaron got to come!!

 Pool at the condos

Our sweet three bedroom condo worked out so great we only ate out once and everyone had plenty of space. 
(Well, as much space as you can have when you're sharing an enclosed area with John.)

 Will's rough ride up to Delicate Arch. 
Reminds me of an Egyptian pharaoh.

 This is how us redheads do in the heat.

 Aaron's awesome picture

The second day we hiked out to this place Nathaniel has been to a number of times when he was in scouts.

 That drop where the boy is sitting up there is so high. Nathaniel and Aaron were the only ones who did it. The water is shallow so you have to jump in just the right spot and that freaked me out.

John, Rebecca and I jumped from here instead, which was plenty high enough for us.

 Rebecca still hit the water hard enough to give herself a pretty bad bloody nose.

Everyone kept trying to get my dander up by me this was our last family vacation before Nathaniel leaves. 
Not that I wasn't already acutely aware.
All in all it really went great and we would definitely do this again.

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