Thursday, August 14, 2014

Full house

Lily got to come out and visit us before she starts graduate school to become an occupational therapist in Arizona.
 Lily, Aaron and I get to be together! It's been a long time!

 Lily and Will get reacquainted. 

Meet Justas, Julius, Matas and Nedas, our dancers we hosted for the Springville Folkfest. They were here the same week as Lily and that meant for the two nights Aaron stayed there was officially thirteen people staying in our house. It was kind of brutal. See those crutches? That happened on the trampoline within the first couple of hours after they got to the house. It took a few days to convince the festival people it needed to be x-rayed. We were all hoping it was just a sprain but of course it ended up being a brake. So poor Nedas came all the way out here and never got to dance in America. Poor guy! That and he was introduced to our fabulous American medical system that wouldn't take his traveler's insurance. I negotiated the best deal I could get for him thanks to my many years of self-employment and we bought the boot and crutches for seven bucks at the DI. 

 The boys jumping sticks.

We went to the festival several nights.

Will got a little tired of it after a while:)

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