Thursday, August 14, 2014

Nathaniel goes to the temple

Leaving the Provo Temple tonight

Today was another big day for the our family. This is a season of big events for us. July 27th Nathaniel became an Elder and a week from Sunday is his farewell.

As I was in the temple today I was wondering what I did right in my life to be having a child going through the temple. Certainly not enough. I think of all the amazing moms I know that struggle with wayward children and I just don't know why things work out the way they do sometimes. 

Speaking of which, as Peter and Nathaniel are pulling away from the house Peter just so happens to double check for his recommend in his wallet. We had just checked them Sunday in Sacrament Meeting because they are expiring soon and that was the last time he saw it-- right before he put it back in his wallet four days ago. Gone--absolutely not a clue where it disappeared to. Frantic searching and calling ensued but it never turned up. I called the temple to tell them not only were they running late but we were also missing a recommend. When they got there the temple recorder told them to relax now because he said in the temple things have a way of just working out. They got to meet with the temple president who talked with them for a while and answered some of Nathaniel's questions. How amazing is that to meet with the temple president? I think Peter was envious:)

Can't believe this is here already. (And why do I keep feeling like I'm not even old enough for this?!?) Our ward has a lot of missionaries coming and going all the time and moms of other missionaries give me sympathetic looks and tell me to feel free to call them because it's so hard the first time. "Best kept secret of the church is how hard it is to send a missionary out" is something I've heard more than a few times. True story: Sunday a woman told me she cried for eight months the first time she sent out a missionary. Wow.  Really? What does that even mean? Like constant crying? Or just occasional weepiness? How did she function? This kind of talk causes me anxiety. I have no idea what this is going to be like. I prefer to let the emotion come as it does instead of anticipating it to be one way or the other. I keep telling myself there is no sense working myself up before I have to. Unfortunately that doesn't mean I'll listen to myself:)

Nathaniel and Peter keep reminding me this is a happy occasion. I told them on the way home in the car not to give me a hard time if I get emotional over the coming days. It isn't because I'm not excited. It's just a really big life change and two years sounds like so looong to not see your child you've never been apart from for more than a couple of weeks at a time. Here's the deal. Weeks are different than years. I'm a mom. It's kind of what I've dedicated my life to the last half of my lifeBut no worries, right? I got this. I'm tough! Woman of steel! Pillar of strength! In. The. Bag.

Besides, there is still another twelve days. Twelve whole days. That's basically forever when you're a kid twelve days before Christmas, right?

(I know. I'm screwed.)

In other news, here is Aaron on the way to the temple. He wasn't supposed to be there but made time to come, which makes him all the more awesome than he already is. He's growing out his scruff while he takes a few weeks off his job working for the church. He says it's way more popular with the babes. Better hurry up then I guess because he has to go back to work in a month and the beard has to go again. Chop, chop! 

The temple president mentioned to Nathaniel that from his experience about 36-28 months from now he'd be bringing in a girl to get sealed. I should mention that Nathaniel is still smitten with Nancy. When he isn't at work he is taking her on dates and when they aren't on a date they are Skyping. I keep getting hints that they're fairly serious but I've decided there is only so much I want to worry about. Peter, ever the optimist, says that if pre-mission relationships were a stock he would not invest.

After the temple we went to IHOP because at 10pm it is the only place still open. (It also happened to be BYU graduation because their one and only server was wondering why there was an invasion of people in church clothes during the night shift.) While we were eating we were talking about all of this and Nathaniel tells Aaron he only has three more years to find a wife. Aaron, like me, is wondering what happens in three years. "Because," Nathaniel says, "If you don't by then then I'll beat you to it."
That Nathaniel. He likes to push your buttons.

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Jay said...

Thanks for the update, April. Wow - a lot is going on over there! Congratulations to Nathaniel for everything he's doing!

With how handsome Aaron is it is a wonder why girls are not lining up at his door.(=