Sunday, February 8, 2015

Cheap thrills & squinty eyes

Had my first Biology midterm last week. Everyone in our study group studied like crazy and drilled each other in anticipation of this. We were all worried.
The test ended up being hard, but not nearly as hard as we feared. And bonus-- the teacher gave us 2 extra credit problems that I by some true miracle got right! So even though I missed a question on the test I got 106%. I was ridiculously excited about it because I'm super nerdy that way and I know this may never happen again. I made Peter and Aaron look at it because you know, it really matters a lot in their lives. Then I sent pictures of it to my parents and Lily.
Everyone humors me because they're nice like that. Somehow it doesn't matter to me if anyone cares or not, I still want them to share my joy. Apparently I never grow up that way.

We are supposed to have a picture posted by our name on the online platform where different assignments, etc are for different classes so people can get an idea of who you are and place a face to the name. Last semester I never got one on but this semester my OT teacher insisted we all do it. I've combed through every picture I've taken in the last year or longer and there were none just of me. I cropped my face out of a few but they weren't that clear so I decided to take a selfie in front of my window for the best lighting. Right as I'm shooting away a mother of one of Rebecca's friends (and a personal acquaintance of mine) pulls up in the driveway to pick up her daughter and says with a big smile, "Did you get a good shot?" She knew she had me.
Good grief. Can I never get away with something without embarrassing myself?
Every last picture was a remarkable example of my squinty eye. When I showed Sarah she said that's just life and that's the way it's going to be so deal with it. I guess I'll take the wisdom of my teenage daughter and try to find acceptance with my squinty eye. Aaron has it too and I've seen him try to open that eye more or open both eyes wider. It just makes me giggle because nothing ever works. Thanks to Dad we're just mutants.

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