Sunday, February 8, 2015

Sarah's first formalish dance

Sarah was coerced by a friend into asking someone to the Sweetheart's Dance. These things are not her favorite by any means. This was her first semi-formal event and the whole thing was kind of stressful for her and when she came home last night her first comment was that she was glad it was over. Yikes. 
After failing to find someone who didn't already have other plans she decided to ask a guy who likely wasn't going to be asked, which I thought was very cute. And who knows, maybe they'd hit it off?
He gave her a giant red corsage when she recommended white (you can see how that would go fabulous with this dress) and when she showed up at the door his mom said nothing to her. She then she spent the entire date trying to drum up conversation with someone who spoke almost no words back. (Like mother, like son?) She was able, through great effort, to get out of him that they have almost nothing in common. Like, at all.
(Heh! Let's just pull over here on Awkward Street!
Oh man, I do NOT miss this part of being a teenager.)
She sure looked like a cutie though.

Sarah doesn't eat much dairy. We're pretty sure she's got some issues with lactose--I need to take her in to get tested for that (however it is that works.) After the dance they went to her friend's house where there was chocolate fondue. She ate a little, some time went by, and then she ended up announcing she might throw up. I'm thinking she must have been feeling pretty crappy to actually verbalize that. What a great way to end the perfect date! 
Luckily the feeling passed and they made it out without incident.
Actually I think my favorite part is where she told him she hoped he didn't mind if she didn't walk him to the door, because, you know, what's the point?
LOL!! At least she's honest!

This sweet dress right here was a close runner up. Lily says to save it for the Prom.
In all seriousness I didn't even know they made dresses like this, because for what horrible occasion would you be wearing it? Because even for a funeral? I mean, whaaaa???
As Lily would say, "So many treasures."
Ahh! Lily! You kill me!!

Need some motivation--or just a good laugh? 
Sarah has this Valentine's themed motivation board just for you:)

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