Sunday, March 15, 2015

Another Saturday of fun

Went to the Hutchings Museum in Lehi for their Night at the Museum they are going to be doing once a year. It is a natural history museum and for this event they hire actors and bring in live animals, like birds and snakes. I thought it was great fun for four bucks a person.

 John is starting to protest getting his picture taken. This is the face he makes now for a lot of my shots. 
It's not cute.

 Course he's a good sport letting me take this one:)

This might be something we need to install in our house. I can think of a lot of uses for it-- teens and toddlers, argumentative 10-year-olds . . .

 Afterwards I suggested we find a park since we still had some times and this one came up on a search on my phone. It was the most awesome park we've ever been to! They had so much fun.

Can't believe I caught the same people twice when there was so many people there. 
I'm no fashionista but I'm afraid these may be classified as mom jeans.

Our caboose is a cutie

Having a toddler has been so fun. He's been such a joy.
I love spending some time with John and Will doing this kind of thing. 
I think I enjoy it even more then when I was a younger mom because I appreciate it more.

Will is jealous of the sucker. . .
now she's eye-balling the doll.
Note to self: Carry the Clorox Wipes on your person 
(not in the car.)

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