Sunday, March 8, 2015


 Sarah took her friend Gray to Preference.

 Didn't the corsage come out nice? I picked out all the flowers after the last disaster of a situation with Sarah's last date who didn't listen to her at all when she told him what to get and he got a giant red corsage to go with her burnt orange dress. 
Not a whole lot about that date went well--heehee.

 Cute picture of Anna

Last night was Preference. Getting ready for these events is not a small undertaking for a mom. Spent four hours on Tuesday night with Sarah looking for the dress, up to 1am on Friday night sewing on sleeves (pretty much have no idea what I'm doing there) spent Saturday afternoon trying to find a bra that wouldn't show (I can now report they've got some weird stuff out there) and then picked up the flowers. Last minute sewing tiny tear as Sarah stands in the dress, up the canyon to take pictures of everyone then headed up to the Dinosaur Museum with Will & John-- the part of my day I was most looking forward to (seriously!) and then back home to get food together for when kids got back from the dance. Just a lot of stuff. There was a lot of kids that came over afterwards--I don't know how many. I doubt they all knew each other very well. They watched What About Bob, which I thought was a great date movie choice! Gratefully all the kids around here need to be home at a reasonable hour and everyone was gone by 12:30. Sounds like they all had a good time.

Anyway, Will had himself a good time at the museum. the last time we had been there was back in July I think and since then he has developed an interest in dinosaurs and I don't know why we haven't been back yet because we have a pass. Guess we just spend all our time at the Curiosity Museum instead. As soon as we went in and he saw the dinosaurs painted on the wall he started yelling, "Roar! Roar!" I knew it was going to be good:)

Somehow because I didn't have enough crammed into my week besides all this and trying to get over barfing out my guts the previous weekend, I also was in charge of setting a table for our Relief Society dinner where we were expecting Sister Marjory Pay Hinkley's sisters JoAnne Baird and Doreen Lloyd to speak to us about their handcart heritage.

 I ran from this to one of the two job shadows I had this week. (Did you know kids can have such severe sensory disorders they don't eat at all? I didn't.) Then I ran back and was able to quickly eat and catch their talk. It was really good and very emotional, as you can imagine. I had read a few of the stories before in books I'd read about handcart pioneers. They also really were a hoot like we were told they would be. To meet them is to love them. We could also see how much they love each other. It was precious.

Someone got this fabulous picture of me with them with the folds in my shirt looking just so (just so I look 4 months pregnant) and my hair gone completely flat.  Just when I thought I'd hit bottom someone sent me this pic of me stuffing my starving self in a rush to get into the meeting on time:

I'm no superwoman. Weeks like this wear me out. I'm not a fan of being busy like this. Don't even get me started on people that feel like they have to fill up every minute of their day. I'll never get it.
Daylight savings? 9'oclock church? When Peter opened the curtains my claws came out and he got smart and closed them. Will & I slept until 11:00.

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